Virtual Fitness Trainer

Virtual Fitness Trainer


Workout in the Privacy of your own Home!

Whatever your fitness needs, our online personal trainers can provide the exercise program to help you achieve your goals. We are proud to say that MDC (Meltdown Challenge) now offers Virtual Fitness Training via Skype. If you have not yet taken the plunge to the gym, and you want some privacy, why not book us for a virtual training workout session? With Virtual Fitness Trainer, you can workout with one of our certified trainers via online video, when, and where, it suits you.

Since you’re here, we assume you know there tons of diets and conflicting information available online and in books, TV shows and magazines, many of which promote Fitness advice and Diets that simply don’t work. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all program that suits everyone. Nutrition is complicated and there are many rules one must follow to get-in-shape in a healthy way. When our specialist is designing a program for you, many things are taken into consideration, including:

  • Dietary questionnaire including food likes, dislikes and habits
  • History and type of physical activity
  • Medical history
  • Medications you might take and day-time you take medicine

If you are not ready for the gym. We can train you at home via Skype

Virtual Fitness Trainer is a convenient, effective and fun way to get in shape once and for all. There are no limitations and this way you won’t risk exercising incorrectly. Professional Fitness Trainers can tell you immediately where you are struggling and how to fix your form, as well as offering advice on the most effective workouts for your personal goals. You won’t believe how a few simple tips from one of our Virtual Fitness Trainers can make your workouts easier, safer and more time-efficient. Many people give up on training because their back muscles start to hurt after few training sessions. That isn’t supposed to happen. Don’t waste precious time making a program for yourself that might not even be beneficial when you can start working out with one of our Skype Personal Trainers immediately. Get full workouts, clear demonstrations, exercise instruction tips and much, much more with Meltdown Challenge.

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