The Right Way to Fight Fat

The Right Way to Fight Fat

Studies show that ab fat is dangerous to your health, but that’s probably not news flash for anyone today. Here’s how food, exercise, and body confidence can help you lose that stubborn fat for good and lower your health risks. But first, a bit of fat-math:

Losing weight comes down to a simple numbers game: calories in versus calories out. One pound of fat is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories. This means that you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you consume to make that lb disappear.

Exercising the right way will help greatly. Strength training dramatically increases muscles which in turn ramps up metabolism and calorie burning. Results of a few months long study at University School of Medicine found that women who exercised and dieted at the same time reduced abdominal fat-cell size by about 20 percent. In contrast women who only counted calories and practiced diets lost weight but didn’t reduce fat-cell size. When you start working out and watching what you eat, toxic abdominal fat may be the first fat you get free of.

Food Role

Cutting back on calories through healthier choices can make all the difference so skip those gigantic burgers and fries and go for some lean chicken instead. And while calories count most when it comes to the number on the scale, researchers have found that diets with higher protein intake have a greater thermic effect, which is just a fancy phrase for speeding up metabolic rate.

The body also adapts to exercise, so keep that workout routine varied to stay challenged while beating boredom. Besides, studies suggest a combination of cardio and strength training is the best way to say goodbye to that excess fat.

Hormone Imbalance and Belly Fat

Hormone imbalance has a lot to do with belly fat. To get balanced, your body needs to get enough sleep, because if it doesn’t it produces cortisol, the hormone responsible for storing belly fat. So what to do? Try eating cottage cheese before bed. It’s a great source of protein and a natural relaxant. Don’t waste your time doing crunches. Movements that work both your upper and lower body (like a reverse crunch) are much more effective. Consider incorporating big movements like squats and pushups into your routine. These moves work your core significantly. Practicing these tips will not only help you lose weight but you will notice that there will be less nights when you can’t sleep.

Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat

All fat is not created equal. Abdominal fat, particularly the visceral fat stored deep inside, is much more dangerous than the flab on your hips, butt, or thighs. The main reason is fat location.

Subcutaneous Fat is right under your skin. It’s commonly found in your thighs, butt, and abdomen. It’s also significantly more dangerous when it’s in your abdomen, because it can adversely affect your internal organs. Visceral Fat found deep in your abdomen, is the true troublemaker. Visceral fat has access to your portal circulation, the highway of blood vessels around your organs. This can affect your liver’s ability to manage cholesterol, increasing your risk of heart disease. Visceral fat also causes insulin to become less effective, making you more susceptible to diabetes.

Lose Weight training with Experienced Trainer

b7Training with experienced trainer will always be better if you are new to this field of life and will most times be better even if you think you know what you’re doing. Paying attention to small details during workout is difficult, but can carry big price. Working out sometimes mean that you find yourself in some “unnatural” positions and there are some of them where you risk to get hurt if you don’t do it properly.

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