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About Meltdown Challenge

About Meltdown Challenge BannerMeltdown Challenge created Wellness Challenges to bring social media to the never-ending weight loss arena. It’s a new way to melt extra pounds, cholesterol and stress (and yes, we even have competitive challenges to quit smoking). Competitive Wellness Challenges introduce and unite like-minded individuals with similar goals to achieve greater success and get healthier. People lose 3 times more weight as part of a group than on their own, and if they compete as a group against another group they are 5 times more successful. Add to that the promise of a winner’s only payout, and your odds for success just jumped through the roof!

There are four main groups of challenges:

  • Weight Loss Challenge – Being overweight comes with a greater risk of many illnesses e.g. heart disease. Weight Loss Challenge helps you lose weight in a fun and safe way. You can challenge people you know and make the game even more interesting.

  • Stop Smoking Challenge – Spending time and focusing on something that isn’t really a priority can be pretty hard. But then again, things aren’t getting easier with time. Stop Smoking with Meltdown Challenge feels like you’re just playing a game.

  • Stress Less Challenge – Stress has big influence on almost every aspect of daily routine. Its becoming more and more important to keep stress under control. With Stress Less Challenge you can reduce stress in a fun way… The only way it can be done right.

  • Cholesterol Challenge – Even play a game in which the main goal is to lower Cholesterol.

A Challenge on Meltdown Challenge is a contest to either: lose a certain percentage of weight, decrease stress test scores, decrease cholesterol levels, or quit smoking within a predetermined amount of time. Participants are required to put money in the winners pool at the start of a challenge, which will be split among the winners when the challenge ends. You can host a challenge and determine the characteristics of a challenge such as: running time, start date, goal, type of challenge, minimum pot contribution and whether a challenge is by invitation or open to the public.

Meltdown Challenge Features

Wellness/Fitness Professionals – Build your brand and business hosting Meltdown Challenges to stimulate your existing client-load, and supplement your income. Trainers only earn money when they show up to the gym. MDC helps you earn money around the clock.

Group Challenges – Create a challenge, or join one. Anyone can start a challenge, all you need is a group of people fired up to lose. Those friends tell more friends, and before you know it, your pot is full of money.

Challenges for Children – Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. But kids needs are different than adults, which is why MDC offers customized challenges just for kids ages 12-17 We work with school districts, small groups and even families to target their specific needs.

Corporate Wellness – Good Health is Contagious! Turnover, absence and productivity loss due to health issues and stress cost companies millions a year, but health related habits of employees are hard to change company wide.

Meltdown Challenge Rules

Here at Meltdown Challenge, we offer you the chance to lose weight and win money. Here’s how it works. To join a challenge everyone puts money into a winner’s pool. Each challenge has a specific weight loss goal, from 2% to 5% of your starting weight. You have a set amount of time to lose that weight. When the challenge ends, every challenger who has hit that goal splits the winner’s pool. There are only 4 simple steps to becoming a challenger and making money.

  1. Weigh In – A day before a challenge begins, follow our weigh-in guidelines and document your starting point. Now it’s time to lose some weight!

  2. Actual Weight Loss Game – Time to shed some pounds! Each challenge has a set amount of time for you to lose the agreed upon % of your weight. You can find helpful tips on our site and we encourage you to post about your progress with comments or photo updates. Inspire each other! We’re in it together!

  3. Weigh Out – The moment of truth… The day after a challenge ends, follow our weigh-out guidelines and document your results. Only winners are required to submit photo evidence, but even if you didn’t reach your goal, enter your final weight. Even if you don’t win money, any lost weight is a win!

  4. Collect Your Winnings – Winners are announced two days after a challenge ends. The winner’s pool will be divided evenly among the winners (Meltdown Challenge retains 25% fee). Winners are notified by email and can either put their winnings into another challenge or cash out. You’ve just lost weight and won money! Double win!

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